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Safe Bathing Solutions gives you total bathing safety and the lowest price guarantee on our tubs. We sell American made Boca Walk-in tubs, which are the finest made, and we also sell a wide selection of imported tubs. ever you choose, Safe Bathing Solutions offers the best deal and the best tub!

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      Consumer Affairs Five Star Customer Rating! CALL TOLL FREE (800) 813-3736 Bathing Safety Walk-in Tubs Meet Tom & Darnell Johns. Tom Johns loves to do research.  He researched Walk-In Bathtubs because his wife could no longer safely...

My wife just had surgery on her knees and hip, and we wanted to buy a walk-in tub. I researched on the internet and found out that Consumer Reports said Bathing Safety’s tub was about the best, so that’s what we went with. The people there were all very helpful and I couldn’t ask for anything better. The sales reps were very friendly. The two guys who came to put in the tub drove all the way from Florida and installed the tub in about three hours, where it normally takes a day. But we had the bathroom stripped out, so we saved them a lot of time. The installers did an excellent job.

I like everything about our walk-in tub. I like its height, which is just a couple of inches. The jets are real good and very powerful. I’ve only used it once, but I loved it. My wife is going through therapy right now, three days a week, and the tub is helping her a lot. We found the best tub.Type your paragraph here.


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My mother 83 year old was looking into a walk in bath tub so she could safely bath on her on. She saw an advertisement for a competitors tub and they said they had to come to the house in order to quote. Well giving her a quote of 24,000.00…but she would get a discount and it would be 17,500.00

They almost had her sign away when one of us kids dropped in to find out what was going on and put a stop to it. We explained to her that it would be best to check around and gets other quotes. In doing research I found four places to contact.

The only one that was straight forward with pricing on the phone was Alan at  Bathingsafety! $4500 to $6500 (for our tub) and $2500 for install. I asked Alan if he knew of anyone close in my area that had one for us to look at, and he contacted a couple that just had one installed a few weeks earlier and asked them if it would be OK for us to check out.

Wow…it was fantastic and they people spoke highly of Alan and the installer Bob. Sign us up!!!

Everything was handled over the phone. Tub was ordered and installed within two weeks. Bob even went out of his way to pick the tub up himself and deliver it!!

My mother LOVES it…and she didn’t get ripped off by those other places!!!!

Sherry J


Original review: April 25, 2017

Boca came out on top of the ratings in the Better Business Bureau when I was checking out walk-in bathtubs. They gave me all the information on the phone when I called them, where everybody else insisted that they had to come in to give me a price. I had American Standard and Safe Step come in, and their prices were within $1,000 of each other. They sent their representative and they told me it’s $20,000 and then I could buy it for $16,000. But Boca’s representative gave me the price right then and there when I called. That’s why I went with Bathing Safety and Boca, as well as them giving it to me at half the price. The representatives never came to my house, everything was done over the phone and email. But we got what we wanted.

My wife and my sister-in-law have Down Syndrome and are both handicapped. Now, they can get in and out of the tub on their own. I used to have to stand there, hold them, and help them balance into the tub. Then, put the big chair under their butts so they could sit and then they would have to use the handheld shower head to clean themselves off. They never could soak and the seat takes up the space to at least stand in and take a shower, I lost half the bathtub. So, now, with the walk-in tub, they get in, soak, turn on the water and air and get the massage. It is working well. I’ve ended up where I’m sitting and doing the massage than taking a shower. It’s nice but sometimes you still want a quick shower.

The installation team is very good. We’ve only had it for three weeks but it seems to be relaxing. If anybody is going to buy one, go with Bathing Safety and Boca instead of the other higher-priced ones. They did exactly what they said and put everything in. Plus, they did a little bit of extra for me because I had a situation with that old wall and they took care of it, made it fit and did everything fine. So, it worked out good.

Bob S

Verified Reviewer (5 stars)